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Real World Car Emission to be Accessible from the Next Year Onwards

Real World Car Emission to be Accessible from the Next Year Onwards

An analytics firm is set to let the people understand and know the real world car emission from their car. From the year 2016 onwards, the novel initiative will help car makers to advanced their emission approval mechanism and mpg testing.

With the help of the latest testing mechanism – known as a portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) – people will be able to understand how much carbon emission a car leaves while on the way, and thus the vehicles can be ranked as per their emission level. To make it more relevant and functional, the testing procedures and rating schemes would be treated separately, apart from the car manufacturer’s certification test, and the findings would be accessible publicly. The parameter of car emission would be determined based on CO2, nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbons, among other contaminants.

If looking at the importance of the new initiative, it will help bridge the gap between buyers’ trust on the stated data and how much it truly pollutes the environment.

The firm, Emissions Analytics, believes that the new initiatives would influence the manufacturing policy in days to come, and more importantly the users would have access to more information. While Emissions Analytics functions as an independent firm, it employs a pool of expert professionals who have widespread expertise on air-quality testing methodology.

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